TGQ Shaving Soap...." Lathers like a Cream".

Shaves like a dream! Through almost 18 months of testing way back in 2005-2006, we discovered the right balance of "Soap" and "Emollients" that together, whip into a rich, creamy, lather that stays moist for that 3 pass shave. Works even for that "Steel Beard" and your skin will be BBS.

Over a long, like really looong...... unintentional sabbatical, we also discovered that your shaving soap will lather 7 years later, just as good as the day you bought it, and still smells great!

Just some information we hope you won't put to use, but hey, at least you know that we use the best ingredients out there. Quality really does make a difference.

Hard or Soft water ? That is the discussion these days, and we've listened to your concerns and I'll be coming out with a line of shaving soaps later this Summer that will lather in both.

However, we did have more than a few requests from Gentlemen, asking that we not change the "Original" formula; that they really liked it the way it was. So we'll do both! Stay tuned for updates.

All Shaving Soaps currently listed are "Original Formula"

**If you have soft to medium hard water, they'll lather like a dream.

If you have hard water, the original formula won't give it up unless you use distilled water. I know right! I do understand that it's not really worth the effort, but I'm working on it!