Blackberry & Sage Bath Soap


Scrumptious end of Summer blackberries with crisp green sage, natural ingredients, organic ground black tea, and ground blackberries for light exfoliation, fragrance.  -Best Seller-


Made using very low temperatures (thus the name Cold-Process) combining moisturizing oils with fresh botanicals and fragrance.  We also add small amounts of spice or herbs for  light exfoliation, which is key for healthy vibrant skin. Handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness, and colored with natural herbs, teas, spice and minerals.

The Cold-Process method is gentle, retaining vital nutrients from select herbs and essential oils, allowing the natural skin care benefits to remain in our luxury bars of bath soap.

Freshness, Quality ingredients and Gentle processing all contribute to an exceptional bar of soap.

Hand-Cut bars weigh an average of 4.3 oz. Please allow for small weight variances due to the handmade nature of the bath soap.  Most will weigh a little more, but some may weigh a little less. Average use is approx one month for 2 people using it daily, or every other day. "Don't let that baby sit in water", stand it up, use a soap dish, this will greatly extend the life of your soap.   The bars are made with additional unsaponified oil.......meaning you have a percentage of the bar that is pure "soap", and then you have a small percentage left over consisting solely of moisturizing oil. It's the perfect amount to leave your skin feeling conditioned and healthy.

Ship weight = 5 oz.

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