Vintage “Leatherneck” Eau de Parfum – Large


Just over a half oz.  This is our full size Vintage “Leatherneck” circa 2010.  When it’s gone, its gone!

“Leatherneck” has always been one of the most sought after custom scents created by “The Gentlemen’s Quarter”.  A masculine scent, and as the name implies….it smells of leather, but not just any leather. Noooo…..this custom blend is “Leather” that’s buttery smooth and soft, swirling in warm liquid amber, cedar, and citrus with just a touch of musk.

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Back in the day when I first created this blend, I asked one of my girlfriends what she thought about it and she took a delicate little whiff, tilted her back and closed her eyes. I waited a moment. And then she opened her eyes looking at me and said, “OMG….that smells just like a MAN”. Oh yeah! That comment was the birth of Leatherneck.

Available in limited quantity only.  

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Weight 1.8 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × .625 × 2 in


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