1 oz. Cavendish Black “Eau de Parfum”


If you like “Masculine” this is the blend for you! “Cavendish Black” is a custom blend first created by TGQ in 2005. This blend opens with bottom notes of deep, rich, pipe tobacco laced with a touch of molasses, wrapped in sweet grass and cedar.

A little goes a long way, because the bottom notes of this blend hold fast. Only the lightest touch necessary for day wear and honestly I’d go light in the evening too. Trust me…..it’s sure to capture the curiosity of the woman sitting across the table.

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I oftentimes think that stories can tell you things that an “ad” never could, check out what happened when I went to the printer to pick up our labels for “Cavendish Black”.


Loretta, the owner of the print shop came over to see the bottle of cologne sitting on the counter. The afternoon sun capturing the rich brown liquid, reflecting the sun’s light like velvet mahogany on fire. She picked up the bottle to look at it……but the scent of it teased her curiosity as she drew the bottle closer to her face, capturing a whiff of the heady pipe tobacco and said, “ohhhh….that smells really nice” and then, “Oh wow”….drawing the bottle closer yet again…..gently holding it to her nose, eyes closed and said,” …what is… that ?”

And me…..with that knowing little grin said, “that…Loretta, would be “Cavendish Black”.

Chuckle…..yes, it’s that good !

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in



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